So, this is where all the posts are kept. Though, they don’t all stay where they are put. I may lose track of a thing or two. If it is newly released to the public, then please bear with me while the pixie living inside the archives tells me off for mistreating my imagination.

Anyway, this will probably be easier if I don’t ramble too much. (I’m working on that!) So… I guess the first post should be right here at the beginning, the rest following on after that in a chronological order huh? Well, for once I will keep it as short as I can. Here ya go!

Mad Fish Rambles, The First Post
In which, the journey begins.

Day Two, still much to do…
– random thoughts, Re: Site Theme (with doodle)

Day Three [part one]
Re: Senseless waffle, TBC…
(QR codes and post frequency)

Day Three [part two]
…Continuation of earlier post, insight into the rambler’s mind, and some upcoming post info.

By any other name…?   Book related minipost, Re: Copyright Conundrum
Snow problem. Minipost. Well, Re: Snow… 😛
Still finding my fins. Minipost. Re: Been a week


The Recap of 2016: (Coming Soon, Work In Progress)

  • (Pre-2016 Backstory)
  • March, Leeds Author Event 2016
  • June – Unpublished work, with its backstory (poem)
  • August, Manchester Author Signing Event & Gig 2016
  • September, Sandbach Author Signing Event 2016
  • December, Tied with a Red Velvet Bow (short story / teaser)

Oh, can someone let me know if this page gets rediculously long? I’ll split the archive into months (or seasons) and whittle the sections down into more manageable sections if necessary. Knowing how much I ramble that might get done anyways, but for now I will leave this as a one-page thing. At least until this goes over a thousand words, anyway.

And erm… that should be all …for now?
– Madfish Mike, obeying the Post Pixie…