By any other name…?

If it sits in a pond, has feathers, moves in a straight line and is known for saying “Quack”, is it a necessarily a Duck? Could it be just a very confused parrot… or a bilingual budgie?

You may or may not know about the speedwritten teaser created five months ago. Today I embarked on a journey of realisation that maybe the absence of description is the solution to my problem. After a lot of investigation, I found myself at a company’s contact page only to realise that they did not own the copyright to a product and that my search was not yet over. At that point, I re-examined my written draft and realised that it could all be avoided if I were to simply listen to what everyone else already suggested... Drop the names!

So basically, to cut a long ramble short. I plan to continue with a story that I have been internally struggling with due to copyright concerns, as hopefully the power of suggestion will supersede the need to actually describe the character in question… I know this post is considerably shorter than my previous, I am simply turning my words elsewhere. 😉

Madfish Mike, Going Quackers…


Author: MadFishRambles

The Mad Fish Rambles are brought to you straight from the mind of a welsh male. He is often called a vast variety of things, including ‘idiot’, ‘hairy’ or ‘weird’, though his birth name is Michael.

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