Day Three – why am I counting?

I find myself pondering how often I should ponder. Does a blog a day keep the doctor away, and if so should I to limit myself to a single nonsensical rant per 24 hours? Maybe I should just flow free with my thoughts and hope that they are still entertaining to read…

Given that I am more likely to have several bouts of unthoughtfulness, followed by bursts of bountiful blather I figure I will run with the ramble as it rolls, so to speak. Again, feedback is welcome. Encouraged even! Either through the linked contact form or via the comment section below each post. Or a Facebook message. I’m not that fussy really. Although, if you find out where I live and send a carrier pigeon with a message on its leg, I am going to be wondering if you’re as crazy as I am. Not that that is a bad thing, mind you. We all have our quirks I suppose. That being said, please make sure that any crazy carrier pigeons know their way back home, as I don’t think I have any sunflower seeds at hand…

Wait. I should have a point to this post – hopefully about more than just a doodle this time.

MadFishRamble QR
Madfish Avatar

Though I have been a little more creative with my brainfish art, and given myself a rather fancy new avatar / QR Code / Logo design. Pretty much the same as the old one really, but hairy. It should still work with the artwork in the middle, personally it worked on my Kindle, though I don’t actually use QR codes often – let me know if it doesn’t work please? Already on the second version, but the same with the artwork that is all likely to change in time. For those with a small image displayed, there is a larger version over on the facebook page (link), as obviously this post will scale depending on device used. Oh and for those curious individuals out there without access to a QR Reader, well I wouldn’t worry too much – the link it generates just points to the homepage. There is no secret conspiracy at work. (yet)

 Anyway, topic – I had one, it eluded me. While I wait a moment for it to return, yes that split column above is HTML, and yes that is still via Basic WordPress. Turns out that you can use the HTML editor with actual HTML code. Handy that, isn’t it? Silly me… 😐
 Madfish Mike, taking a moment… :-/

Author: MadFishRambles

The Mad Fish Rambles are brought to you straight from the mind of a welsh male. He is often called a vast variety of things, including ‘idiot’, ‘hairy’ or ‘weird’, though his birth name is Michael.

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