Day Two, still much to do…

While the words created weave unto a world we do not know, the darkness stretches far throughout the words you see below. Please excuse the greyness of the walls and words so bleak. I aim to fix the fixtures and the style of things are being tweaked. Until then if you could, then simply bear with me. I’ll surely soon be brightening the place for all to see. The bareness of the wordpress is surely quite a mess, and I hope that you may stick around to see me at my best. (Whatever that is…) – Madfish, 8th January 2016.

So the blog has been active for about 24 hours. People are starting to poke around, and hopefully there will be a few that like the place. Unfortunately, it is a little… well… grey around here. I know, that isn’t the most vibrant of colours. So here, have a doodle!

(Scroll down to continue after the picture, if you want to read more…)


This is currently the facebook cover art, including the Brainfish logo. I have a few variants of that fish (Including one in the title bar, sneaky things) which I am currently using for a profile pic. This will, eventually, be refined. I think the body could do with a little extra work. Still, perfectionism breeds procrastination (I should know!) so I figure before I can change my mind, I would throw out my neatest work in progress for you all.

When this is updated, I figure I will leave this art here. That way, the people who live in the future can smile at how my shoddy art may have evolved. Fingers crossed that this is not the best I can create, eh? I know, fish don’t really have fingers. It is really hard to cross a fin though. Plus, the whole swimming in circles makes me dizzy. So erm… what was I saying?

Ah, the website! Yes, I am currently a WordPress Basic user, which means I am quite limited in what I can actually do around here. I would love to fiddle with the Cascading Style Sheets and suprise myself with how much HTML code I have forgotten, but that would mean that the upcoming author signing events would have a whole lot less money. Which either means less books, or less food. They say that we can live without food for up to three weeks, but somehow I don’t think that it is justifiable enough… Of course it is not even plausable to pass on more books, for without words we are without wisdom, so I will work out the ways of the wandering WordPress warriors and fight the great greyness. Or something. ^_^

Wait, how many words says the counter? I thought this was just a little post to say I drew a doodle? Oh well, I guess I had best start stopping with the ramble around here! Until next time…

Madfish Mike, rambling on…


Author: MadFishRambles

The Mad Fish Rambles are brought to you straight from the mind of a welsh male. He is often called a vast variety of things, including ‘idiot’, ‘hairy’ or ‘weird’, though his birth name is Michael.

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