Mad Fish Rambles, The First Post

A lot can happen in a year. My inner bookworm awoke from its long hibernation, I travelled further from my hometown than ever before, and some people became addicted to my brainfish… Wait, I might have gone too far already.

Sorry, this blog should come with a warning. Hyperactive scatterbrain in progress! I should secondly remember to include a running glossary of sorts. And yes, I intend to use some (or all) of these words in literary works, and thereby imply all copyright and reservations of this blog, social media, or otherwise as my own creation. Just to get that out there, though it probably didn’t need to be said. But, as always, I digress…

So, onto glossary item number one. (I’ll have a neater version over on the actual page.)

“Brain Fish” – the fleeting thoughts that roam the mind, given actual form.

I should probably mention that it is from the notion of Brain Fish combined with my hyperactive and/or carefree nature that the moniker (the) “Madfish Rambles” was born, so the minnow came before the larger mad one so to speak, for those pondering. Since you might have gathered, I do tend to go on a little. Occasionally, I will put these ramblings on paper (either ink or electronic) as monologues or notes to myself… sometimes satire or alternative lyrics, or potentially original songs. Perhaps a poem or will be made, and rarest of all, a snippet to be bound inside a book. I have lost many scraps of paper, only to wish I had them later, and countless txt and doc file (electronic notes) have failed to reach the backup in time, so hopefully with this blog I can allieviate some of those issues in an entertaining and completely-not-talking-to-myself sort of way…!

When others read some of the better rambles, they have asked for more. So in my eyes, they are actively seeking what some people may think is no good for them. They are addicted to my thoughts. Thus, the brainfish addicts were born. Upon further internal investigation, it occurred to me that these people are turning into creatures that are addicted to the very words inside my head. And so, the Book Zombies came to life. These Book Zombies are hopefully to be well fed on the blog posts I will create, with all the brainfish they can find inside. Which leads me back on track nicely…

The past year gone by (2016) myself and my better half embarked on a journey that would change our lives. We met the minds behind some of our favourite novels in March, and it immediately became obvious that we needed more of these fabulous people and amazing events in our lives. Before the year was out, both myself and my partner had our own words live on the internet for others to see.Albeit only bites and tasters, but all things have to start somewhere. From that start, we build. The brainfish will be tamed…

So, with this new year upon us (Hello 2017!) the ramble moves on. Dare ye continue down the perilous path, and does any of this actually make sense? If so, it might please you to know that I plan on recapping the journey of 2016, giving a little information about the larger fish around my mind – hopefully upcoming projects that will soon see the light – and anything else that gets caught in the next net. I’ll also be fixing this place up a bit. For now you’ll hopefully enjoy the stock photograph below presented to us from WordPress…

Madfish Mike, rambling on…
Keep on Swimming! 😉



Author: MadFishRambles

The Mad Fish Rambles are brought to you straight from the mind of a welsh male. He is often called a vast variety of things, including ‘idiot’, ‘hairy’ or ‘weird’, though his birth name is Michael.

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