So, we will start at the beginning. Seems as good a place as any, though far better than the end, and a little more meaningful than the middle in my view. Hello! I am the Mad Fish. This blog is where I ramble, and for that I am sorry. In my defence, you clicked here, so maybe that makes you one of my Book Zombies? Or maybe you’re a little confused…

Well to start, there is a handy bit about who I am over on the About page. I also have a Facebook Page, though admittedly you probably found this blog from over there.

There is also a handy Glossary of all the many things I say that need their own explanation, so to reduce my repetitiveness I have pretty much thrown that all in one pile, for the most part. There may be some things missing, it is a living page and it will be fed when words are formed, and groomed upon occasion. Please let me know if it needs additional care.

Which leads me neatly onto the Contact Form. That would be the place to go if you want to contact me, especially if for some reason or other I have ignored Facebook (again) and you aren’t getting a reply there. I am quite a scatterbrain though, if it has been less than 48 hours then please add a little thyme to the mix. Unless it is deathly urgent, life or death, the clock is against us and the sands are still moving, in which case feel free to poke both Facebook and here. Though, unfortunately, there will be times when even that will not get a response within 48 hours – hopefully we don’t all explode from some preventable cause…!

…And I’ve gone off on one again. Sorry about that, I tend to do that a lot! To get some sort of structure to these thoughts, there is an Archive for when things just need to be found. It is intended to be a spoiler-free way to catch up with my posts, though I cannot guarantee that I do not put my foot in it somewhere along the line. My advice? Start at the beginning.